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Freedom Is Our Right! (English)

04 mei 2022

Femmes for Freedom is launching an international campagin against marital captivity. We are not alone in this fight. United with international feminists, politicians and experts we stand together for victims of marital captivity throughout Europe with #FreedomIsOurRight #StopMaritalCaptivity

Marital captivity on the European agenda

Over ten years ago, we started our fight against marital captivity in the Netherlands, and with success. The Netherlands became the first country worldwide to have legislation and aid to combat marital captivity. Now it's time to address marital captivity in the rest of Europe. We have worked hard on doing so over the last three years. Below you can find a few of our greatest achievements. 

  • Hearing at the European Parliament in collaboration with ALDE/Renew Europe about the approach to marital captivity in Europe.
  • Political and societal agendasetting of marital captivity in France via amendment by Nathalie Delattre and articles in, amongst others, Le Monde and Le Figaro.
  • Appointment of Margreet de Boer by the Parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe to research marital captivity in Europe.

    Want to know more about our progress? Click here!

Where does Europe stand and what has to be done?

To achieve succesful change, we have to know the state of affairs in European countires. That's why we did extensive research about legislation, aid and the political and public opinion about marital captivity in European countries. Knowledge is power, which is why we share our findings and tips on how to approach marital captivity on our website

United against marital captivity

We are not alone in our fight. We collaborate with other European organisations to combat marital captivity. Our movement #FreedomIsOurRight is endorsed and supported by feminists throughout Europe. Check our website for all the endorsements. We are far from done. We are still working hard on the outlaw of marital captivity throughout Europe. Do you want to support us? Use #FreedomIsOurRight on all socials or find out here how you can help. 

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