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Dr. Ebadi - Marital captivity is contrary to the international standards of human rights Elham Manea - Marital captivity is a violation of women's rights  existing in different traditions L. Slimani - Women are full citizens who must have the right to leave a husband H. Vautmans - We should never forget that the European Union firmly supports gender equality K. Buitenweg - In the Netherlands we managed to convince the minister to adjust the law to end marital captivity
M. Sanghera - Marital captivity is a human rights violation S. Ates - I fully support Femmes for Freedom's fight to ban marital captivity A. Qassim - Marital captivity exists in the UK C. Stolle - Terres des Femmes supports the campaign on marital captivity by Femmes for Freedom T. Strik - We need to recognize marital captivity and ban it
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