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Samira Rafaela asks questions to European Commission about marital captivity

16 november 2021

On Monday, the 25th of October, we visited Samira Rafaela (MEP - Renew Europe) in Brussels. We discussed the injustice of marital captivity, which measures have been taken in the Netherlands and how to go forward in the rest of Europe. Resulting from this meeting, Samira asked questions about marital captivity to the European Commission:

  • Is the Commission aware of the impact marital captivity has on women?
  • What efforts has the Commission made to address and recognize the negative strain of marital captivity on women?
  • How is the Commission planning to include marital captivity in its upcoming legislative proposal on gender-based violence?

We thank Samira Rafaela for her support, commitment and questions to the Commission. This is an important step in the battle against marital captivity in Europe. 

Vragen aan Europese Commissie over huwelijkse gevangenschap

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