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MEP Assita Kanko speaks on marital captivity at European Parliament

14 december 2021

We, Femmes For Freedom, are very impressed by the strong statement by MEP Assita Kanko at the European Parliament on how the EU turns a blind eye on women oppressed by religious fanaticism within their own borders and territories.  Marital captivity exists and occurs all around the EU and we demand for it to be recognised as violence against women. We need immediate legislative protection for all women in marital captivity. As MEP Kanko states  “You [EU] have repeatedly chosen to let them [women] down”.  We are not all equal in the eyes of the EU. If the EU stands for women’s rights, ALL women and ALL struggles and injustices should be regarded and accounted for. We thank MEP Assita Kanko for voicing this and calling for immediate action. 

This follows after MEP Samira Rafaela demanded that the EU recognizes marital captivity as a form of gender-based violence in new European legislation. MEP Rafaela submitted the following salient questions to the Commission on their lack of efforts to address marital captivity. 

These are not the first times marital captivity has been brought to the attention of the EU. Femmes For Freedom in collaboration with ALDE (Renew Europe) organised a hearing on the Injustice of Marital Captivity, leading to written recommendations for the EU. However, none have been regarded. 

We are very impressed that both prominent MEP’s advocate for action against marital captivity! Now is the time for the EU to take action!

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