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No legislation exists to actively combat Marital Captivity. However, Femmes For Freedom has brought this matter to the attention of French politicians and the public debate, and opened a channel to raise awareness of marital captivity and discuss it further in order to take additional steps towards the recognition of marital captivity as violence against women. 

The news of President Macron’s Law to Strengthen Republican Principles in Spring of 2021, was received as an opportunity for Femmes For Freedom to place marital captivity on the French political agenda and the public debate. In particular, we focused on the amendment that rigorously tackled violence in the private sphere concerning; polygamy, virginity certificates, and forced marriages. 

Senator Nathalie Delattre – from the RDSE – agreed to take this upon her and table an amendment including marital captivity. The amendment submitted by Ms. Delattre on March 30, 2021 was built upon Dutch legislation as well as the recommendations made by Renew Europe, all results of a longstanding legal and political battle by Femmes For Freedom 

The amendment was not passed and was rejected by the senate on April 8, 2021. The debate in the senate alluded to important arguments of the opposition that we, Femmes For Freedom, have answered and clarified in a statement.



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