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No legislation exists to actively combat Marital Captivity. However, the Danish Human Rights Institute published a report in 2020 on marital captivity. In such a report the institute provides suggestions and recommendations for local governments, legal provisions of the Danish Criminal Code, education initiatives for judges and family law attorneys, and additional information on the legal consequences for women. This provides an entry point to Danish politics since it has been recognized by a prominent institution as violence against women happening in their own territory. 

Femmes For Freedom has also contacted the Danish Minister of Immigration and Integration Mattias Tesfaye on this topic, which he replied to with several points on initiatives made by the Danish government.

1) A bill was passed regarding initiatives to strengthen efforts against negative social control by focusing on informal marriages and preventing religious marriages.

2) "The right to equality" campaign which focuses on unmarried Muslim women to prevent them from entering a religious marriage.

3) From 2019-2020, the government offered free seminars for professionals and produced guidelines for police units.

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